Sunday, January 24, 2010

Salamanders, first steps to a new army

Hey there. The second posting directly follows the first one.
In this post I show you the first marines of my new Salamanders army. Right from the beginning of the current SM Codex, I thought that Vulcan is one of the strongest models in the codex and decided to build an army around him (at this moment I would have never thought that he is THAT strong and a lot of other players would also build those armies). So finally I started the army after a lot of thinking about it and here are the first pictures of the models.

The models are regular Tactical Marines (first four are finished) and the Dread (still heavy WIP) is the one from AOBR with a cut off stormbolter and added HF (I mean it's a Salamander, isn't it, so you need more flametemplates).

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