Friday, April 25, 2014

Painting Challenge 250 Points/Month (April)

Hey guys,

with the month of April coming to an end I want to present the models for my Tyranid army that I haved painted this month. As in the month before I only painted a very small number of models, but I used the remaining time to start magnetizing a few models I want to paint over the next month in order to get a small headstart for the busy time coming towards me.

The list for this month was:

---------- HQ (1) ----------
Tervigon (195 points)
- Scything Talons
- Stinger Salvo

---------- Troops (1) ----------
 Broodlord (64 points)
-- Scything Talons
259 points

As you can see I have finished my first monstrous creature for the army and directly a rather large one ;)

In the next month I'll most certainly add another monstrous creature and some other models, all of them fully magnetized in order to change weapons.

So stay tuned!

Cheers Cleutin

The Tervigon in all its pride

Close up of the Tervigon
Comparison of Broodlord and Tervigon
The second Broodlord (painted in April)
The Broodlord Brothers (painted in March and April)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Painting Challenge 250 Points/Month (March)

Hi guys,

another month rushed by and I managed to paint another 250 points of Tyranids. This month I decided to only paint the following models, because I had my final exam at university:

---------- HQ (1) ----------
Deathleaper (130 points)

---------- Troops (1) ----------
5x Genestealers (134 points)
- Broodlord (Scything Talons)
264 points

Now I already have completed over 500 points and own the mandatory choices of 1 HQ and 2 Troop choices. In April I will add the first monstrous creature to the Hive Fleet. I definitely need some huge beasts in the army ;)

Cheers Cleutin

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Painting Challenge 250 Points/Month (February)

Hi all,

a friend of mine in our local gaming club came up with the idea to start a small painting project in order to increase his motivation for painting. He planned a new IG army in an urban warfare style and wanted to paint 250points per month.
Looking for other people foolish enough to join his idea he asked me whether I was interested in joining him. After a quick glimpse at my started and still not finished armies, I decided that I could just as well use a boost of motivation in order to finish at least one army. A second look at my armies revealed that I had already decided the schemes for all of my armies and none of them would end up with city fight bases ... This seemed like a great excuse to start with a new army ;)
With the release of the new Tyranid book only a few weeks before I nearly instantly decided to grab my old and awfully painted Tyranids from more than 10 years ago and rip them apart. With some new additions I would end up with a decent but not too strong force.

After some research about how to create bases that fit in a destroyed city I found a video from BoW that showed a way to create concrete out of old CD-cases. I now had an army and a style to create bases, but was still left with no colour scheme for my army.

Originally I had painted my Nids in the classic Kraken scheme, but over the years I had seen way to many Kraken, Leviathan and Behemoth Nids so that I decided to change unto another range of colours. I had always admired green and brown Nids and painted a simple Termagant as a testmodell for my new scheme.

With everything ready to paint I just had to find the time needed for the project between my university exams and decided to paint the following models in the month of February:

---------- Elite (2) ----------
Zoanthrope (50 points)
Lictor (50 points)

---------- Troops (2) ----------
5x Genestealers (70 points)
11x Termagants (44 points)
- 11x Fleshborer

---------- Heavy Support (1) ----------
Biovore (40 points)
254 points

I ended up with 254 points (due to the testmodel) and a total of 19 models in one month. This seemed manageable to me and I didn't have to work with magnets in the first month (I will have to do this once I start working on Tyranid Warriors, Hive Tyrants and Carnifexes).

To come to an end: I finished all of the models in time and started working on some SporeMines for the Biovore, which I haven't finished. In March I will work on an HQ (the Deathleaper, because I still have no time to work with magnets) and another brood of Genestealers. But that's it for today and now enjoy the photos of Hive Fleet ... I still need a name for it ...

Cheers Cleutin

Termagants without finished bases

First 254 points of my new Hive Fleet completely finished