Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Rulebook FAQ

Oh my god!! It has arrived!

The new 40k rulebook FAQ was posted on the GW homepage and it brings us a lot of new interesting stuff.
First of all: We can't stack units into each other any longer to get coversaves for both units. This means that one has to decide which unit can be shot by which enemy unit without getting a cover save.
Seems like a huge boost for shooty lists for me. Especially with a lot of tournament tables being wastes ...

Two other interesting clarifications are made for vehicles.
1. Units can't shoot out of transport vehicles, if the vehicles used smokes in the same turn.
2. Fast scout vehicles (and bikes etc.) can claim a cover save and do not get autohits during the firstturn, when they used their scoutmove.

Thinking of Vendettas blocking enemy ways when IG did not get first turn, I once more see a huge boost for those kind of armies.

The rest of the FAQ is more or less irrelevant and was played that way all the time.
The only other interesting restrictions belong to skimmers:
Units in skimmers are destroyed, when their vehicle is destroyed, but moved at cruising speed before, because in this case they aren't allowed to get out of the vehicle. This seems even to hold true if the skimmer explodes, because still the unit is not allowed to get our of it.

And last but not least we got a global answer to the Counterattack+FC problems and don't have to refer back to the Wolfes FAQ.

Let's look how this FAQ will change tournament play over the next months.

Cheers Cleutin

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tournament at MageStore in Düsseldorf

Two weeks ago I went to a tournament at a local store. Not having my IG ready by the time I speedpainted my Nobbikers, just to slam them right in the face of my opponents ;)

Lists were at 1850, so I had to add some stuff to my normal 1750 Bikerlist and came up with:

2 WBs on Bikes

2x10 Nobbikers

3x10 Gretchin

2 Deffkoptas (one with BSaw and one with Rockits)

A short look into the tournament rules made me nearly cry. I was not allowed to play the same HQ choice twice … So, back to the sketchboard and I exchanged one of the WBs for 10 Boyz including a Nob, riding in a Trukk. This way I got at least another Troop choice, because I had to play one of the Bikersquads as an Elite choice, that was able to reach objectives in enemy territory (Gretchin do not seem to be too good in fulfilling that task).

The missions were more or less standard. Capture objectives, capture quarters and killpoints. All of them had some special rules I’ll mention later on.

With the tournament starting at twelve I went to the location at eleven, to have plenty of time to register etc, just to stand about 30 minutes in the blistering cold, because the shop decided to open at 11.30. Great start, I could have stayed in bed longer if I had known that before.

First of all I took a look at the tables and almost cried for not playing IG. The tables were nearly empty and not even one LoS blocker was found on any table. So I just hoped not to face too many shooty lists during that tournament, because those games would be rather onesided.

At about 12.30 we were able to start off with the first mission.

First mission was to capture 5 objectives placed somewhere in the middle of the board. Special rules in this scenario: Every non-vehicle unit that is completely destroyed is placed in reserve and enters play over its own table edge … excuse me?! First thought: Great!! Killed Nobbikers just return to the battlefield. Second thought: Damn … my enemy also returns, how am I going to grab those objectives by the end of the game?

Opponent for this match: My brother with his Blood Angels. 15 players attending the tournament and I have to play my brother in round 1? Something here went terribly wrong. My brother’s list was based on multiple Troops with jumppacksincluding Sanguinary Guard and double Vanguard … so no way of keeping him away from the objectives.

He won the roll to place the first objective, to choose the side and wether to go first or second … of course he decided to go second, how I just hate that in such missions.

The game itself was not very spectacular. I moved forwards with my Nobs and killed every of those damn Marines I could lay my Powerclaws on, who didn’t care about that and just kept on storming the battlefield from their edge. It was just some pointless massacre on both sides and after turn 6 the game ended and both of us controlled one objective. With me having killed about 2.5k worth of Marines I won the mission 14:6. Great success, normally with those lists I should win this by far.

But at least I had grabeed some tournament points and we went on with game two:

Mission: Quarters, which can be held by Troop choices that have to be completely in the quarter (same was true in order to contest a quarter). Neutral quarters were worth 1 point, the enemy quarter was worth 2 points and the own quarter was worthless. Every piece of terrain was either burning or smoking, so that its cover save was increased by 1 or it was treated as dangerous terrain.

Opponent this time was a friend of mine playing Blood Angels (already seeing a pattern in this?). His list featured lots of jumping troops as well but this time combined with 10 AssaultTermis with a Librarian and a Priest for FnP … great fun for me. I am still looking for good ideas to handle such kind of lists with Nobbikers, ideas are really really welcome for the solution of this major problem (and yeah, even I found out, that driving away and shooting works, but not really good).

This time I was allowed to choose whether to go first or second and decided to go second. The game itself wasn’t that great to watch. My Bikers avoided his Termis and tried to kill of everything else he had. In turn 5 he was able to charge one of my Bikersquads with his Termis and three other troops. Before dieing after three rounds of combat my Bikers were able to kill at least nearly every normal Marine, leaving him with absolutely no chance to capture any quarters and my Gretchins (hidden heros in this list, killed 2 Sanguinaries with their mighty shooting attack) conquered both of the neutral quarters. That way I won with 2-0 what gave me a 15:5. Victorypoints were not able to change this further into my favour because they were only consulted when the score was equal after the mission?!?! Who decides such things … Well my friend had to go after this game and allowed me to call it 20:0 for me. Thanks again here.

After round two we had a short break while the organisator made the softscores for painting etc. I got 9 out of 20 points for having five unpainted models in my army and lost three places in the end due to this. For some reason I still don’t know why I only scored so low, but am too lazy to argue about that. For my part I still believe that 20 out of 80 points are just too strong softcores for any tournament, but that’s another story.

The final round was kind of a killpoint mission but you had to be within 18” when killing a unit in order to get the point and every killed HQ choice was worth D6 points rolled for at the end of the battle, so this mission was kind of random if you chased down the enemy HQ choice.

This time I played against another friend of mine and faced … right, Blood Angels once more (there were 4 people playing Bloodies at the tournament and I had to play against 3 of them, something really went wrong with this).

His list was quite shooty including 2 Razorbacks, 2 Predators, 1 Baal, 1 Redeemer filled with AssaultTermis, Corbulo and a Librarian and to round it up 2 TyphoonSpeeder.

I was able to choose the side, but he was able to go first and killed 4 or 5 Nobs in one of the squads during turn one (Remember? Right, no LoS-Blocker). The other squad was charged by the Termis, Corbulo, the Librarian and an AssaultMarine squad. I was able to kill all of the Termis but failed the MoraleCheck even with my Bosspole and was overrun … damn it. If I had passed the test, the game would have been over for him, because I could have killed both of his characters the next turn and his Marines. But as it was the other squad was killed by the weapons of all of his tanks and speeders. I was absolutely unable to destroy his tanks even with lots of penetrating hits made by my powerclaws (just have to love snakeeyes). In the end I lost 3:17 with only the Trukkboys being alive and hiding in a ruin.

In the end I placed 6th,missing prizes by one place, having only played against people I already knew and always facing Blood Angels. The tournament organisations could have been better, the tables and missions clearly have to be improved, but all in all it was a funny day and at least all of the players were rather friendly.

Next time in this store I’ll play some shooty shit (built 14 Lootas yesterday, yes I can even play Orks shooty) and make sure that everything’s fully painted to grab more softscores.

Cheers Cleutin

Monday, August 16, 2010

New ETC 2010 Pictures

I finally uploaded my 274 picture of Saturday to a gallery, here is the link:

Pictures ETC 2010 Saturday!

Currently I am working on the bases of my four TH/SS Termis and will post pictures of the whole squad once it's done.

Cheers Cleutin

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ETC 2010

Well, the ETC 2010 is done and Sweden did not win :'( and neither did Germany. Poland took the trophy home and that was, well, justified. They had a brilliant team, strong lists and knew what they did in the pairings. Some other teams seemed somehow lost in this process.
The ETC being in Münster again this year, I took the opportunity to travel there and watch two days full of games, drama, fun and tragedy. Of course I took some picture of the event (something like 400 or so...) and they will all be online soon, for you to get some impressions of this year's ETC.

Here are the pictures of Sunday!

Saturday's picture are only uploaded to the half and I have to name all of them still, so the link will follow in a few days.

Painting wise I have been somehow more productiv over the last days and finished half a squad of nobbikers and two Assault Termis, pictures will follow as well.

Cheers Cleutin

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silent for a long time

Hey guys,

long since I last posted here, so I thought I'd give you a small life signal ;)
I'd been on holiday for a few days and now university has me back and devoures most of my time.
I came to take some small 1.5k games against a friend of mine with his Tyranids and my brother's Blood Angels, but both of them are still struggling with their army lists. So still a long way to go into testing to find decent tourney armies for both of them. My Orks on the other hand are pretty much set. Just trying to find a few spare points to maybe change the equip on my Battle Waggons, maybe fit a Deathroller on one of them. In addition to this have to overthink the Burna-Tankbusta problem. Currently playing one unit of both I'd like to have another Tanbusta unit, but am afraid of horde armies if I cut the Burna Boyz. (Hey sure, the true reason is that I just LOVE to burn stuff to ashes ... Eyjafjallajökull anyone;) )

Painting goes on with Tactical Marines and a loooooooooooot of Ork Boyz. Maybe there'll be some pics up some time. Problem is again the university, my models and paints are in Düsseldorf and I am in Aachen ... you see, I just get to paint at weekends, not that productive.
So, I'll post again, when there are any news.

Cheers Cleutin

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Armoured Support

Hey guys,

as promised earlier today here's the update with my two Salamander vehicles:
-Black Reach Dread and
Here are some more pics of those and the vindicator can be seen with and without the removable dozerblade.

And the remaining Dreadnought pictures:

That's pretty much it for today. As you might have realized the Dreadmought is still missing a base. That's true and i promise to build it during the next few days and blog about the Dreadnought standing on the finished base ;)
Maybe I'll be able to take a photo of the interior of the Vindicator, because I left the door open and painted it from the inside but forgot to take a picture of that.
So the next days another update of these vehicles will follow and maybe I even manage to paint one or two further Tactical Marines to finish at least the first 10 man squad.

Cheers Cleutin

Small Interlude

Hey guys,

I've been busy the last days with learning for exams and funny things like that. But now that all exams are taken and I only have to do two readings and prepare a term paper, I found some time to return to my painting station.
I finally managed to finish the first two of my Salamander's vehicles and will post some pictures later this day (the varnish has to dry neforehand and I need to fetch my father's cam, 'cause mine is damn crap).

So stay tuned for another post to come later this day.

Cheers Cleutin

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BattleReport - 1.5k Orkz vs. Tyranids

Finally I forced myself to write the latest battle report and here it comes, hope you enjoy it.

Again we played 1.5k points and I faced a slightly different Tyranid list than last time. This time I went with my Ork army with the following list.



-big choppa

-cybork body

-'eavy armour

Big Mek



12 Burna Boyz

9 Tankbustaz

-2 Tankhammers

-Boss with PK


3 Meganobz


-shoota-rokkit launcha

-Battlewaggon (Grot riggers, boarding plank, 3x big shoota)

18 Boyz

-Boss with PK&Pole

12 Boyz

-Boss with PK&Pole

-Trukk (ram, shoota, plank)

10 Boyz

-Trukk (ram, shoota, plank)

10 Gretchin


2 Warbuggies


Heavy Support:

Battlewaggon (Grot riggers, boarding plank, 3x big shoota)

Battlewaggon (3x big shoota)

The Tyranids played something like:


2 Zoas in Spore

2x2 Hive Guards

4 CC-Warriors

4x8 Genestealers (twice with Broodlord)

4 Raveners


Mission and deployment were Seize Ground with Dawn of War.

I won the roll to deploy and decided to go first, only setting up an empty trukk and the MANZ behind a large building. He deployed his Alphawarrior and the Tyranid Warriors in the cover of a ruin. His two objectives were in the center of his zone and on my far right, while i kept both of mine in the middle of my zone, to keep my forces together.

I decided to keep my 10 Boyz and the Gretchins in reserve and he outflanked with all of his Genestealers. Trying to seize the initiative he rolled a 6 and went first.

Turn 1

His Hive Guards looked for as much cover as possible and tried to stay out of any LOS, while the Trygon, the Ravagers and the Warrior brood advanced to my side of the table.

On my turn the Orks arrived on the battlefield and I build up a solid wall of Battlewaggons to cover the trukks behind their AV14. The buggies got a few shots on one of the Hive Guards that was just to big to hide itself, but with the BS2 they had no chance of hitting it.

Turn 2-5

The next few turns a lot of things happened and I am unsure in which order or on which turn the events took place, so I am just going to give you a rough idea of how the battle continued.

Two Genestealer broods entered play on the side of my table that was near to my army in two turns in a row. The Zoas wrecked the trukk with the MANZ inside and the first Genestealer squad charged the Orks that scrambled out of the wreck, but only able to kill one of them with their rending attacks the combat was tied and after two more rounds the orks were able to finish the Genestealers off with their Pks. The Trygon crashed into the BW with the big Boy suad accompanied by the Warboss and destroyed the vehicle but was charged by what came out of it. Together with the second Genestealer squad the Trygon killed the 19 Orks, but died in the fight as well.

The Burnaz in their BW made a drive-by with the Raveners and smoked them with 24 Hits and enough wounds to leave none alive. Heading back to the Warboss they saw him dying and took cruel revenge on the Genestealers by hitting them 60 times and scoring 25 wounds!!

But when the Zoas cracked their BW open the Burnaz were combi-charged by another Genestealer unit and the Warrior brood … no need to talk about the outcome of this fight … not a single ork survived the massacre. At the same time the Tankbustaz got beaten up by the last Genestealer unit because they failed their terrain test to attack the Hive Guards. After this quick fight the Genestealers fell back to secure one of his objectives. The other one was guarded by 2 HiveGuards and two Warriors (the other two Warriors had been victims to a PK that was hidden in the trukk boyz).

When my Gretchin and Boyz arrived on the battlefield the Gretchin took cover in a ruin and secured the objective there, while the Boyz charged a squad of Genestealers (with the help of the remaining two MANZ) and killed them, securing my second objective.

In a heroical move my last living BW and the last buggy speeded towards one of his objectives and contested it, so that I won the game after five turns with 2-1 objectives.

After the battle I had on the table:


10 Gretchin

10 Boyz

1 Buggy

1 BW

and he was left with:

2 Hive Guards

2 Zoas

2 Warriors

8 Genestealers

1 Alphawarrior

1 Mycetic Spore (I didn't even shot at this once ...)

Hope you enjoyed reading this battle report as well. I am going back to bed now and will try to get fit again ;)

Cheers Cleutin

Monday, March 15, 2010

La Cave à Fromage

Hey there,

directly another post behind. I figured out that I should explain the blog's new subtitle to those that do not know my friends and me ;)
"(to) fromage oneself" or in German "sich fromagieren" means something like epic failing. If you fromage yourself in a WH40K game you shouldn't be able to win this game unless your opponents fromages him/herself as well.When my brother and me spotted "La Cave à Fromage" in London he had the idea to name my blog after this cheese-shop and we took a photo of the sign you can see right below the header.
Alternativly you can also be "fromaged" by your opponent, then he just outplayed you with a nice move and you have no possibility to counter that.
In either case You are the one who has a disadvantage to overcome.
Now all of you should know what I mean when I'm talking of "fromaging" in one of my battle reports.
But this should be enough for tonight. Let me end with the words of my Burnaz in the upcoming battle report:"I love the smell of roasted Genestealers in the evening" :-P

Cheers Cleutin

Influenzal Infection

Went to the doctor today and was told that I have an influenzal infection and have to stay at home for about three days. Feeling not all to well to write the battle report today, but hope to do so finally tomorrow (have to force me to do so).As an apology I'll show you some pics of the second Space Hulk Terminator I am currently working on, the one with the LCs. Already finished the claws and now I have to start with all those Crux, sigils etc.
I'll take better pictures once the model is finished.

Cheers Cleutin

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Layout, new HeaderPicture

Hey guys,

long time since I posted, sorry for this but I was very busy and recently went to London for a full week.
Now I am back on and brought a cold with me ... trying to get fit again I found some time to get a decent subtitle for my blog and a matching picture.
On Monday I'll post my last recent battle report with Orks against my friends Tyranids (still struggling to find a decent list that fits his style of play, responses and ideas for 1.5k Tyranid lists are appreciated ;) ).
So stay tuned for Monday, as there is more to come.

Cheers Cleutin

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First BattleReport - 1.5k Salamanders vs. Tyranids

Hey there!

A friend of mine asked me to play his Tyranids in a 1.5k battle after he got the new codex into his hands and wanted to try it out immediatley.
Before writing my list, I knew that he would play somethinhg like a Tyrant, a Trygon, some Genestealers, Warriors, Hive Guards etc. This in mind and trying not to write a cheesy, but more a style list I came up with this:

-Lightning Claw

5 man Tac Squad

10 man Tac Squad

10 man Tac Squad

6 man Terminator Assault Squad
-4x TH/SS

-Extra Armor

-Extra Armor



My friend's list was in the end something like (sorry, do not remember all of it correctly):

Hive Tyrant + 1 Tyrant Guard
2 Hive Guards
2 Zoanthropes in a Pod
3 squads of Genestealers (2 of them containing a Brood Lord)
3 Warriors
3 Ravener

We rolled for mission and got Capture and Control with Spearhead Deployment. I won the roll off and decided to go first, placing my objective in a ruin protected by two Combatsquad Marines with MLs. The rest of my army deployed to the center of the board to get in contact with the Tyranids early, only holding back a rhino (with a Combatsquad) and the Terminators to handle with outflanking Genestealers or deepstriking shit.
He placed his objective in his corner far away from me and only deployed his HQ and the Hive Guards, letting the rest of his army outflanking or deepstriking (the Warriors were able to outflank due to his Hive Tyrant).

Turn 1

My first turn was not verys spectacular, I just moved most of my army towards the middle of the board to stop the Tyranids and shooting a bit at the Tyrant without dealing any damage to him.

In his turn he Hive Guards wrecked my Razorback and all of his units (erhm ... his two units ...) moved into cover.

Turn 2

On my second turn I still didn't have a lot of targets to fire at and spread my army a bit to be able to react into every direction. One of my rhinos circled a large building where his Hive Guards had taken cover to get rid of them.

Turn 2 gave the Tyranids some of their reserves. A group of Genestealers entered the game on his own short side of the table and moved on his own objective. The Warrior brood entered the game on my short table side and both the Trygon and the Ravener deepstriked ahead of my army.
The Hive Guards stunned one of my Vindicators, the Tyrant immobilised one of the Dreadnaughts and the Warriors moved near my objective. The rest of the bugs mostly stayed in cover.

Turn 3
On turn 3 battle became much more intensive. My Vindicator blasted a shot towards the Raveners and eliminated the whole group. The Warriors got a lot of boltgun shots into their direction, which killed one of them, and were finally charged by my Terminators. They weren't able to even harm the Marines before they were blown apart.
On of my Dreads shot at the Trygon and gave him a wound with his MM (which was of course recovered by Regeneration the next turn...).

In the third turn the Tyranids got even more reserves in form of a Genestealer mob that came in on my side and immediatley charged my Terminators and the Pod with the Zoanthropes that blew off the cannon of one of my Vindicators.
The Trygon advanced onto my army and the Hive Tyrant wandered also in this direction.
Due to my nearly perfect Armour Saves none of my Terminators survived the Genestealer attack (failed 3 out of 4 Inv. saves for the Shields and 3 out of 4 normal saves ... love this).

Turn 4
My lonely rhino let out the Combat Squad that attacked those annoying Hive Guards.
The second rhino (with the next Combat Squad inside) and the other two Combat Squads fired at those Terminator-killing-Genestealers and killed all but three of them. The other CombatSquad killed one of the Hive Guards in CC.
The five man TacSquad with the Captain shot their Combi-Melters at the Zoas, killed one of them and charged the remaining one, finishing it finally of in CC.

The last missing Genestealer squad entered the board on my side once more and destroyed the rhino there, while the remaining three of the other squad struggled to finish of the weaponless Vindicator. The Hive Tyrant charged the Combat Squad in CC with the Hive Guard and killed those five Marines, while the Trygon ate one of the Dreads without any problems.

Turn 5
Thinking that this could be the final turn I concentrated at killing those damn Genestealers threatening my obejective. With 20 Marines fireing at them on short distance none of the bugs remained living. The Vindicator fired at the Trygon but wasn't able to hurt the monster. In the hope of another turn i speeded my last empty rhino towards the other objective to contest it on the next turn.

The Trygon killed the other Dread and moved towards my lines to contest my objective if there would be a sixth turn.
The Hive Tyrant and Hive Guard were both unable to stop my lonely rhino.

Turn 6
We rolled a six and so moved on to the next turn. I moved most of my Marines towards the Trygon to stop it from reaching my objective and was able to block its way. My rhino moved 12" onto the objective and hoped to remain unharmed.

The Trygon ignored my Marines and tried to run around them onto my objective, but it was to slow due to several terrain and could not reach it. None of the Tyranids was able to damage my rhino more than just stunning it.

After turn 6 the game ended 1-0 for me. We counted killpoints afterwards and it was a draw with 6 KPs on both sides (Zoanthropes+DropPod, Raveners, Warriors, 2x Genestealers - Rhino, Razorback, Terminators, Combat Squad, 2x Dreadnaughts).

Next time I'll make pictures or short videos of the battle and post them here as well, but forgot to take my cam with me this time, sorry guys. Hope you still enjoyed reading this battlereport.

Cheers Cleutin

Saturday, January 30, 2010

SpaceHulk Terminators

Hi again!

After already posting those pictures at DakkaDakka, I wanted to show them at my blog as well.
Those Terminators are the first of my "Custom build SpaceHulk"-project, later on they'll be followed by genestealers and a complete selfmade SpaceHulk board (big enough to fit their larger bases).
So, just enjoy the pictures ;)

Cheers Cleutin

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Salamanders, first steps to a new army

Hey there. The second posting directly follows the first one.
In this post I show you the first marines of my new Salamanders army. Right from the beginning of the current SM Codex, I thought that Vulcan is one of the strongest models in the codex and decided to build an army around him (at this moment I would have never thought that he is THAT strong and a lot of other players would also build those armies). So finally I started the army after a lot of thinking about it and here are the first pictures of the models.

The models are regular Tactical Marines (first four are finished) and the Dread (still heavy WIP) is the one from AOBR with a cut off stormbolter and added HF (I mean it's a Salamander, isn't it, so you need more flametemplates).

First Post, It's finally done

Hi guys,

this is my first post in "Cleutin's GW-Madness" a blog concerning different topics of the Games Workshop Hobby.
I am blogging here mainly about WH40k and the armies I am building at the moment, but will also add videos and fotos of battle reports.
The other main topic will be Blood Bowl. One of GW's boxed games, that is still a lot of fun to play. On this topic I will discuss teams, strategies, add tournaments reports and show some of the teams I own.

Whenever GW releases or announces other things I am interested in, I will show them on my blog as well.

So, enjoy reading my blog in the future ;)

Cheers Cleutin