Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silent for a long time

Hey guys,

long since I last posted here, so I thought I'd give you a small life signal ;)
I'd been on holiday for a few days and now university has me back and devoures most of my time.
I came to take some small 1.5k games against a friend of mine with his Tyranids and my brother's Blood Angels, but both of them are still struggling with their army lists. So still a long way to go into testing to find decent tourney armies for both of them. My Orks on the other hand are pretty much set. Just trying to find a few spare points to maybe change the equip on my Battle Waggons, maybe fit a Deathroller on one of them. In addition to this have to overthink the Burna-Tankbusta problem. Currently playing one unit of both I'd like to have another Tanbusta unit, but am afraid of horde armies if I cut the Burna Boyz. (Hey sure, the true reason is that I just LOVE to burn stuff to ashes ... Eyjafjallajökull anyone;) )

Painting goes on with Tactical Marines and a loooooooooooot of Ork Boyz. Maybe there'll be some pics up some time. Problem is again the university, my models and paints are in Düsseldorf and I am in Aachen ... you see, I just get to paint at weekends, not that productive.
So, I'll post again, when there are any news.

Cheers Cleutin

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