Saturday, April 2, 2011

Small Interlude for a Friend and his work

Hey guys,

today just a small update for my blog. As I already mentioned we have someone in our group, who builds lots of pieces of terrain for our gaming board and at the moment all of this stuff is at my place and so I took the opportunity to snatch my father's camera and take some shots of his work.
The models in these pictures were painted by me and are just randomly placed for you to get an impression of how large the individual pieces are. And yes, the first models of my CSM army can be seen in those, but be sure that you'll get better pictures in the following days ;)
So now just enjoy some of our terrain:

This is the largest piece of terrain he has built by now, I placed my Vindicator next to it, for you to get an impression.

Next up is just some small hill.

Followed by some kind of a ruin.

And last but not least, some minor pieces (featuring a wall, some ruins, etc).

After uploading these pictures I figured that I have to finish my gaming board and will try to do that until summer =)
That's it for today and stay with me, because in the next post I'll finally post some pictures of my CSM army (or won't I? :P)

Cheers Cleutin

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