Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tournament in Iserlohn

Hey guys,
on Saturday November 5th 2011 I went to Iserlohn in order to participate in a team tournament with my fellow Michael. A few weeks earlier my brother and Michael had taken part in another team tournament, which was very similar to this one and so we had very early some good ideas for a team setup.
With a total of 76 tournament points in which only 60 points could be achieved throughout the three games and the remaining 16 points were given for painting, we decided to opt for a fully painted army, because we didn’t want to lose 4 or more points due to painting. In addition to this we hoped that not every team would be fully painted, which would give us an edge in the final rating.
Keeping this in mind, we already had a rather limited possibility of different team setups. First of all I’ll give you a quick overview of the tournament’s rule set and later on will argue why we choose certain units for our armies.
A complete team consisted of two players, which played together on one table as ONE army. But any army specific special rules couldn’t be transferred to the partner’s units. Every player had exactly 1,000 points to spend for his units and any remaining points couldn’t be transferred into the partner’s army. In addition to that, every player had a limited FOC to build his army, which looked like the following:
1 HQ
2-4 Troop
0-2 Elite
0-2 Fast Attack
0-2 Heavy Support
The limitation of several important slots to only 2 per army (not per team) and the necessity to play only painted models, made it difficult to find a suiting army. So first of all, we took a look at the missions played, which were only the three rulebook missions, which meant that we would play objectives twice and killpoints once. Very soon we discovered that Orks and CSM would probably make a good combination, both armies could easily include Troop choices, which are able to deal with some enemies, and could easily combine strong CC power with some decent shooting.
In the end I decided to play the Ork part of our army and our final lists looked like that:
***************  1 HQ  *************** 
- Power Claw
- Warbike
- Cybork Body
- Bosspole
 - - - > 140 Points
***************  2 Troop  *************** 
10 Nobz
- Nob Bikers
- Stikkbombz
- 3 x Big Choppa
- 3 x Power Claw
- 2 x Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-Weapon
- 3 x Bosspole
- 1 x Waaagh! Banner
- Painboy
- Cybork Bodies
 - - - > 670 Points
25 Boyz
- Shootas
- Nob
- Power Claw
- Bosspole
 - - - > 190 Points
Summed up: 1000 Points

***************  1 HQ  *************** 
Daemon Prince
- Wings
- Mark of Slaanesh
- Lash of Submission
 - - - > 155 Points
***************  1 Elite  *************** 
3 Chaos Terminators
- 3 x Melta-Combi Weapon
 - - - > 105 Points
***************  2 Troop  *************** 
5 Chaos Space Marines
- Icon of Chaos Glory
+ - Chaos Rhino
 - - - > 120 Points
5 Plague Marines
- 2 x Meltaguns
+ - Chaos Rhino
 - - - > 170 Points
***************  2 Heavy Support  *************** 
3 Obliterators
 - - - > 225 Points
3 Obliterators
 - - - > 225 Points
Summed up: 1000 Points
This way we got quite a number of scoring units (the Ork units being large enough to cover more than one objective and the Chaos units rather mobile and save due to the Rhinos), but also didn’t play too many units that could easily be killed in the killpoint mission. In addition to this we managed to field both armies with completely painted miniatures and didn’t lose any softscores in this way.
So much for today, in the next article I’ll write about the three games we played and provide some pictures and enemy army lists as far as I remember them.
Cheers Cleutin

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