Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Painting Challenge 250 Points/Month (February)

Hi all,

a friend of mine in our local gaming club came up with the idea to start a small painting project in order to increase his motivation for painting. He planned a new IG army in an urban warfare style and wanted to paint 250points per month.
Looking for other people foolish enough to join his idea he asked me whether I was interested in joining him. After a quick glimpse at my started and still not finished armies, I decided that I could just as well use a boost of motivation in order to finish at least one army. A second look at my armies revealed that I had already decided the schemes for all of my armies and none of them would end up with city fight bases ... This seemed like a great excuse to start with a new army ;)
With the release of the new Tyranid book only a few weeks before I nearly instantly decided to grab my old and awfully painted Tyranids from more than 10 years ago and rip them apart. With some new additions I would end up with a decent but not too strong force.

After some research about how to create bases that fit in a destroyed city I found a video from BoW that showed a way to create concrete out of old CD-cases. I now had an army and a style to create bases, but was still left with no colour scheme for my army.

Originally I had painted my Nids in the classic Kraken scheme, but over the years I had seen way to many Kraken, Leviathan and Behemoth Nids so that I decided to change unto another range of colours. I had always admired green and brown Nids and painted a simple Termagant as a testmodell for my new scheme.

With everything ready to paint I just had to find the time needed for the project between my university exams and decided to paint the following models in the month of February:

---------- Elite (2) ----------
Zoanthrope (50 points)
Lictor (50 points)

---------- Troops (2) ----------
5x Genestealers (70 points)
11x Termagants (44 points)
- 11x Fleshborer

---------- Heavy Support (1) ----------
Biovore (40 points)
254 points

I ended up with 254 points (due to the testmodel) and a total of 19 models in one month. This seemed manageable to me and I didn't have to work with magnets in the first month (I will have to do this once I start working on Tyranid Warriors, Hive Tyrants and Carnifexes).

To come to an end: I finished all of the models in time and started working on some SporeMines for the Biovore, which I haven't finished. In March I will work on an HQ (the Deathleaper, because I still have no time to work with magnets) and another brood of Genestealers. But that's it for today and now enjoy the photos of Hive Fleet ... I still need a name for it ...

Cheers Cleutin

Termagants without finished bases

First 254 points of my new Hive Fleet completely finished

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