Friday, April 25, 2014

Painting Challenge 250 Points/Month (April)

Hey guys,

with the month of April coming to an end I want to present the models for my Tyranid army that I haved painted this month. As in the month before I only painted a very small number of models, but I used the remaining time to start magnetizing a few models I want to paint over the next month in order to get a small headstart for the busy time coming towards me.

The list for this month was:

---------- HQ (1) ----------
Tervigon (195 points)
- Scything Talons
- Stinger Salvo

---------- Troops (1) ----------
 Broodlord (64 points)
-- Scything Talons
259 points

As you can see I have finished my first monstrous creature for the army and directly a rather large one ;)

In the next month I'll most certainly add another monstrous creature and some other models, all of them fully magnetized in order to change weapons.

So stay tuned!

Cheers Cleutin

The Tervigon in all its pride

Close up of the Tervigon
Comparison of Broodlord and Tervigon
The second Broodlord (painted in April)
The Broodlord Brothers (painted in March and April)

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