Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BattleReport - 1.5k Orkz vs. Tyranids

Finally I forced myself to write the latest battle report and here it comes, hope you enjoy it.

Again we played 1.5k points and I faced a slightly different Tyranid list than last time. This time I went with my Ork army with the following list.



-big choppa

-cybork body

-'eavy armour

Big Mek



12 Burna Boyz

9 Tankbustaz

-2 Tankhammers

-Boss with PK


3 Meganobz


-shoota-rokkit launcha

-Battlewaggon (Grot riggers, boarding plank, 3x big shoota)

18 Boyz

-Boss with PK&Pole

12 Boyz

-Boss with PK&Pole

-Trukk (ram, shoota, plank)

10 Boyz

-Trukk (ram, shoota, plank)

10 Gretchin


2 Warbuggies


Heavy Support:

Battlewaggon (Grot riggers, boarding plank, 3x big shoota)

Battlewaggon (3x big shoota)

The Tyranids played something like:


2 Zoas in Spore

2x2 Hive Guards

4 CC-Warriors

4x8 Genestealers (twice with Broodlord)

4 Raveners


Mission and deployment were Seize Ground with Dawn of War.

I won the roll to deploy and decided to go first, only setting up an empty trukk and the MANZ behind a large building. He deployed his Alphawarrior and the Tyranid Warriors in the cover of a ruin. His two objectives were in the center of his zone and on my far right, while i kept both of mine in the middle of my zone, to keep my forces together.

I decided to keep my 10 Boyz and the Gretchins in reserve and he outflanked with all of his Genestealers. Trying to seize the initiative he rolled a 6 and went first.

Turn 1

His Hive Guards looked for as much cover as possible and tried to stay out of any LOS, while the Trygon, the Ravagers and the Warrior brood advanced to my side of the table.

On my turn the Orks arrived on the battlefield and I build up a solid wall of Battlewaggons to cover the trukks behind their AV14. The buggies got a few shots on one of the Hive Guards that was just to big to hide itself, but with the BS2 they had no chance of hitting it.

Turn 2-5

The next few turns a lot of things happened and I am unsure in which order or on which turn the events took place, so I am just going to give you a rough idea of how the battle continued.

Two Genestealer broods entered play on the side of my table that was near to my army in two turns in a row. The Zoas wrecked the trukk with the MANZ inside and the first Genestealer squad charged the Orks that scrambled out of the wreck, but only able to kill one of them with their rending attacks the combat was tied and after two more rounds the orks were able to finish the Genestealers off with their Pks. The Trygon crashed into the BW with the big Boy suad accompanied by the Warboss and destroyed the vehicle but was charged by what came out of it. Together with the second Genestealer squad the Trygon killed the 19 Orks, but died in the fight as well.

The Burnaz in their BW made a drive-by with the Raveners and smoked them with 24 Hits and enough wounds to leave none alive. Heading back to the Warboss they saw him dying and took cruel revenge on the Genestealers by hitting them 60 times and scoring 25 wounds!!

But when the Zoas cracked their BW open the Burnaz were combi-charged by another Genestealer unit and the Warrior brood … no need to talk about the outcome of this fight … not a single ork survived the massacre. At the same time the Tankbustaz got beaten up by the last Genestealer unit because they failed their terrain test to attack the Hive Guards. After this quick fight the Genestealers fell back to secure one of his objectives. The other one was guarded by 2 HiveGuards and two Warriors (the other two Warriors had been victims to a PK that was hidden in the trukk boyz).

When my Gretchin and Boyz arrived on the battlefield the Gretchin took cover in a ruin and secured the objective there, while the Boyz charged a squad of Genestealers (with the help of the remaining two MANZ) and killed them, securing my second objective.

In a heroical move my last living BW and the last buggy speeded towards one of his objectives and contested it, so that I won the game after five turns with 2-1 objectives.

After the battle I had on the table:


10 Gretchin

10 Boyz

1 Buggy

1 BW

and he was left with:

2 Hive Guards

2 Zoas

2 Warriors

8 Genestealers

1 Alphawarrior

1 Mycetic Spore (I didn't even shot at this once ...)

Hope you enjoyed reading this battle report as well. I am going back to bed now and will try to get fit again ;)

Cheers Cleutin

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