Monday, March 15, 2010

La Cave à Fromage

Hey there,

directly another post behind. I figured out that I should explain the blog's new subtitle to those that do not know my friends and me ;)
"(to) fromage oneself" or in German "sich fromagieren" means something like epic failing. If you fromage yourself in a WH40K game you shouldn't be able to win this game unless your opponents fromages him/herself as well.When my brother and me spotted "La Cave à Fromage" in London he had the idea to name my blog after this cheese-shop and we took a photo of the sign you can see right below the header.
Alternativly you can also be "fromaged" by your opponent, then he just outplayed you with a nice move and you have no possibility to counter that.
In either case You are the one who has a disadvantage to overcome.
Now all of you should know what I mean when I'm talking of "fromaging" in one of my battle reports.
But this should be enough for tonight. Let me end with the words of my Burnaz in the upcoming battle report:"I love the smell of roasted Genestealers in the evening" :-P

Cheers Cleutin

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