Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Rulebook FAQ

Oh my god!! It has arrived!

The new 40k rulebook FAQ was posted on the GW homepage and it brings us a lot of new interesting stuff.
First of all: We can't stack units into each other any longer to get coversaves for both units. This means that one has to decide which unit can be shot by which enemy unit without getting a cover save.
Seems like a huge boost for shooty lists for me. Especially with a lot of tournament tables being wastes ...

Two other interesting clarifications are made for vehicles.
1. Units can't shoot out of transport vehicles, if the vehicles used smokes in the same turn.
2. Fast scout vehicles (and bikes etc.) can claim a cover save and do not get autohits during the firstturn, when they used their scoutmove.

Thinking of Vendettas blocking enemy ways when IG did not get first turn, I once more see a huge boost for those kind of armies.

The rest of the FAQ is more or less irrelevant and was played that way all the time.
The only other interesting restrictions belong to skimmers:
Units in skimmers are destroyed, when their vehicle is destroyed, but moved at cruising speed before, because in this case they aren't allowed to get out of the vehicle. This seems even to hold true if the skimmer explodes, because still the unit is not allowed to get our of it.

And last but not least we got a global answer to the Counterattack+FC problems and don't have to refer back to the Wolfes FAQ.

Let's look how this FAQ will change tournament play over the next months.

Cheers Cleutin

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