Friday, March 18, 2011

More armoured Salamanders

Hey guys,

I'm back again, like a recurring nightmare or german nuclear powerplants :P
Well, finally my first post in 2k11. I know that its already March and I could tell you that I've been busy with learning for university, writing term papers and doing lots of other veeeery important things. But, to be honest, I have mostly just been too lazy to post updates and know hope to be more constant in blogging again.

To get this blog back to live I'll start off with some picture of my Salamanders army (one of the reasons I started to play 40k again). I already finished the Dreadnought and you have seen it before, but this time it received its base, too.

A picture of the Dreadnought wouldn't of course be enough for this post and because of that I added some pictures of my 6 man strong CC-Terminator squad. As always they come on my selfmade lavabases and received lizardmen shields to stick to the lizard scheme of their chapter.
The scales between their legs and on their right shoulders were sculpted by my brother (thanks @lot Bro). He does all of the conversions I need and does some really crazy things with green stuff, I wouldn't be able to pull the models off the way I do, if it weren't with his help.
Some of his other sculpts can be seen in the upcoming posts, stay especially tuned for my CSM army, which I am currently working on.
Another good sculpter has joined our gaming group and he's doing lots of amazing pieces of terrain for our gaming tabels, as soon as I get pictures made by him, I'll add them here as well, so that you can see what he is doing. Speaking of gaming tables, my brother and I started to finally build one on our own, to improve the quality of our games. Maybe I'll add some pictures of the table itself later on, we will see ;)

This has to be enough talking for today, now just enjoy the latest pictures of my Marines and stay tuned for whatever will come next on this blog.

Cheers Cleutin

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